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Our Favorite Things: Love Songs

Our Favorite Things: Love Songs

TV & Film Writer Janelle Smith

One main reason I like “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid is because I think it’s so relatable.  Anyone who has been on a date has felt the urge to kiss that person, but stop because of doubt or some other reason. Also, I love Sebastian’s singing voice in the song. His voice is what Eric needs to hear to encourage him to kiss Ariel. This along with the music creates a mellow mood to the scene.

YA Reviewer Mara Delgado

My favorite Disney love song is Hercules’ “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love).” I love seeing Megara struggle with her growing feelings for Hercules and the Muses trying to explain to her that what’s happening is that she’s in love. I feel it’s kind of universal because sometimes people find themselves falling in love and struggling with their feelings. I’ve always been fascinated by this concept and that might explain my love for this song.

TV & Film Writer Christina Casano


It’s the ballroom that gets me every time.  You have to have the full visual to appreciate just how magnificent “Beauty and the Beast” (Beauty and the Beast) is as a love song.  It’s the ballgown and the staircase and the symmetry, and the beautiful sense that love comes in so many forms.  It’s the solidification of their love for each other.  After they’ve discovered that they had feelings for each other in “Something There” they’ve now reached the nirvana of their affection and love for each other in this song.  And I mean, really, the BALLROOM.  It’s a piece of art.  The windows, and the scale, and the chandelier, and the ceiling!  Oh, the ceiling.  There’s a beautiful high-angle shot that comes down sort of through the chandelier and you can see the size of the ballroom and Belle and the Beast dancing and how small they are, but they’re in such a beautiful, majestic place that it creates a gorgeous setting for a love song.

Staff Writer Alan Beyersdorf

Widow Tweed needed a companion and she found that in her fox, Tod. “Goodbye May Be Forever” from The Fox and the Hound isn’t a traditional love song between a pair of young romantics, rather the display of a heartfelt friendship that must come to an end. Widow Tweed is torn between abandoning Tod and letting her awful neighbor Amos kill him. Widow Tweed   drives Tod out to the middle of the forest, remembering all of the wonderful times they’d had together. Tod doesn’t understand what is happening as Widow Tweed sets him down and takes off his collar. As she pulls away, Tod is confused as to why she would do this to him. I think this is a timeless scenario which represents a different aspect of love, not often portrayed in Disney films.

Editor in Chief Feliza Casano

Though I am totally all in for the Disney Renaissance music, I’m madly in love with “I See The Light” from Tangled.  One thing I like about it is that through the entire song, Rapunzel talks about how excited she is to be out of her tower and among the lights – and Flynn/Eugene talks about how in love with Rapunzel he is.  It’s a beautiful song to listen to and visually stunning.

Tell us about your favorite Disney love songs in the comments.  What movie is it from?  What kind of love does it talk about?

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Christina Casano
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