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Sky Destrian

Sky Destrian

destrian-sky-headshotSky Destrian is a coffee-fueled, sarcastic 20-year-old living in Colorado. She is a writer, a spoonie, and a devoted fan of a ridiculous amount of things, especially superheroes (and especially Marvel). Her favorite stories involve light triumphing over darkness, something that’s encouraged her throughout her life. For Sky, fictional stories, characters, and worlds have been an escape and something that makes life a little easier to swallow. Stories have always grounded her, and as a part of that, she both consumes and produces them at a probably-alarming rate. That is to say: reading, watching TV, and writing are three of her favorite things.
Sky lives with fibromyalgia, PCOS, and anxiety. Because of this, she wishes to get rid of the stigma surrounding both mental and physical health. The place where stories and her illnesses intersect is called representation, something Sky is passionate about finding, uplifting, and promoting. Her desire in all her various pursuits is to authentically discuss the dark, gritty issues of life, yet at the same time, she never want to forget the drops of sunshine that make life worth living.
However, the most important fact about Sky is that she is actually a human disaster. She can’t cook, she is freaked out by life in general, and she still doesn’t know what being an adult means. She is socially awkward and has often been mistaken for a twelve-year-old. She is also pretty much Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. When she’s not doing her best impression of Tina (which mostly involves lying on the floor moaning about life), you can find Sky voraciously reading YA books, brushing up on her knowledge of Alexander Hamilton, or trying haphazardly to change the world.
You can find her running link-ups on her personal blog, writing about chronic illness on Young and Sick, making graphics for Libero Magazine, co-managing The Fangirl Initiative, and writing under the mantle of Bucky Barnes at YAvengers. You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.