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You can find each of our issues listed here. Want to check out the issue in full? The titles are all clickable — and we’ve highlighted some of the best pieces of each issue as well.


January: The Lies Issue

February: The Toxic Romance Issue

March: The Geek Girl Issue

April: The Intersectional Issue

May: The Gamechanger Issue

June: The Wonder Woman Issue

July: The Patriotism Issue

August: The Vampires vs. Werewolves Issue

September: The Falling Issue

October: The Fourth Problematic Favorite Issue

November: The Heroine’s Journey Issue

December: The Unity Issue


December 2015: The Hope Issue

November 2015: The Epic Issue

October 2015: The Second Problematic Favorite Issue

September 2015: The School Days Issue

August 2015: The Golden Age Issue

July 2015: The Independence Issue

June 2015: The Starstruck Issue

May 2015: The Graduation Issue

April 2015: The Growing Issue

March 2015: The Sisterhood Issue

February 2015: The Shipping Issue

January 2015: The Destruction Issue


December 2014: The Victory Issue

November 2014: The Winter Is Coming Issue

October 2014: The Problematic Favorite Issue

September 2014: The Magic Issue

August 2014: The Throwback Issue

July 2014: The Multiracial Issue

June 2014: The Blockbuster Issue

May 2014: The Motherhood Issue

April 2014: The Animation Issue

March 2014: The Women in Capes Issue

February 2014: The Black Geek Issue

January 2014: The Villains Issue


December 2013: The Greater Good Issue

The Greater Good Issue kicked off with a question: what is the greater good? One staff writer explored the theme as it relates to the Harry Potter series. We had a tiny Wonder Woman week, with reactions to the casting of Wonder Woman in the DC cinematic universe and an essay on why The Hiketeia is a must-read.  To conclude our first year, we had our first-annual Best Of series.

November 2013: The Orphan Issue

November 2013’s The Orphan Issue looked at the concept of being an orphan in popular fiction, starting with the orphan the entire world knows.  It also marked the first Captain America article written by Fantasy Writer Gabby Taub, which explored the “orphan storyline” of Bucky Barnes.  November 2013 also saw the controversial piece on the imperfection of Cosima and Delphine’s relationship in Orphan Black.

October 2013: The LGBTQ Issue

The influence of shoujo comics and fairy tales on Maya Kern's style is recognizable in her depiction of the Girl, focusing on a swamp princess and her girlfriend.

The influence of shoujo comics and fairy tales on Maya Kern’s style is recognizable in her depiction of the Girl, focusing on a swamp princess and her girlfriend.

Our October 2013 issue explored different LGBTQ topics in entertainment and the importance of LGBTQ representation in media. A TV & Film Writer explored how Orange is the New Black explores the trans* experience but doesn’t necessarily match the reality that trans* individuals experience in the U.S. prison system. Another staff writer took a look at the difference between depictions of gay characters and lesbian characters in anime and manga.

For those who may not have a clear understanding of the different letters in the acronym(s), our LGBTQ Writer composed a breakdown of LGBTQ with geeky examples as well as conducted interviews with LGBTQ members of the geek community.

We also interviewed web comic artist and illustrator Maya Kern (Monster Pop!), who created a gorgeous illustration of two girls in capes.

September 2013: The Hispanic Heritage Issue

August 2013: The Pirates vs Ninjas Issue

July 2013: The America Issue

June 2013: The Fatherhood Issue

May 2013: The Disney Issue

April 2013: The AsiAm Issue

March 2013: The Women’s History Issue

February 2013: The Love Issue

Our February 2013 issue was The Love Issue — although maybe “Legitimate Pain: A Love Story” wasn’t exactly Valentine’s Day-ready.

January 2013: Origins

Our very first issue of Girls in Capes!

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