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Editorial Calendar


  • January: The Lies Issue
  • February: The Toxic Romance Issue
  • March: The Geek Girl Issue
  • April: The Intersectional Issue
  • May: The Gamechanger Issue
  • June: The Wonder Woman Issue
  • July: The Patriotism Issue
  • August: The Vampires vs. Werewolves Issue
  • September: The Falling Issue
  • October: The Fourth Problematic Favorite Issue
  • November: The Heroine’s Journey Issue
  • December: The Unity Issue


  • January: The Rebellion Issue
  • February: The Fandom Issue
  • March: The Second Women in Capes Issue
  • April: The Inclusion Issue
  • May: To Be Announced
  • June: The Second Pride Issue
  • July: To Be Announced
  • August: To Be Announced
  • September: To Be Announced
  • October: The Fifth Problematic Favorites Issue
  • November: The Second Disney Issue
  • December: To Be Announced

Last updated 22 May 2017