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Review Policy

Part of our mission is to showcase entertainment media of interest to our readers — primarily female 18-35, frequently who identify as POC or LGBTQ. Reviewing is a big part of what we do at Girls in Capes based on that mission.

If you’re a publicist seeking to contact us regarding a title you represent, please check out our review policies below to see if we’re a good fit. Please keep in mind that we have limitations of what we can review based on content, interest level, and staffing.

Review Policies

Girls in Capes currently accepts the following media for review:

  • Books section: ARCs, digital galleys, finished copies
  • TV & Film section: advance screenings, digital review copies, physical review copies
  • Comics & Graphic Novels section: ARCs, digital review copies, finished copies
  • Gaming section: Digital review copies (PC or PS4)

Those interested in contacting one of our staff writers regarding review copies of books, comics, graphic novels, or games can email the editor, Feliza, at Due to editorial volume, we respond only to inquiries we are interested in pursuing.

We are most likely to be interested in reviewing the following:


ooks featuring female protagonists, written by female-identifying authors, and books falling into the multicultural and LGBTQ categories. We are currently most interested in books featuring black female protagonists and fantasy/science fiction in a non-Western setting.


omics & Graphic Novels by creators who identify as female, POC or LGBTQ. We have a strong preference for creator-owned work. We are currently more likely to review graphic novels or volume-length comics featuring LGBTQ (especially lesbian) protagonists. Our manga review program is also a priority.


V & Film works by creators who identify as female, POC or LGBTQ or works featuring multicultural and/or LGBTQ protagonists. We are currently especially interested in speaking with female filmmakers and reviews of independent films.

  • Contact Asst. TV & Film Editor Jamie at with TV & Film publicity inquiries.


ames created with female developers on the team, female protagonists, and themes that relate to our readers’ interests. Our current game reviewers revew digital copies of PC and PlayStation 4 games.

For inquiries regarding sponsored posts, such as cover reveals or sponsored giveaway opportunities, please contact Feliza at


The vast majority of titles we review are copies provided by the publisher or by a publicist as an advanced review copy. Girls in Capes’ acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee a positive review or any review coverage. Staff members review media based on their personal opinions and interpretations of the work. In addition to review copies obtained from publishers and publicists, some staff writers also review media obtained on their own (purchasing, borrowing from a library, etc.)

Girls in Capes’ acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee a positive review or any review coverage.

Due to our mission to share new media and entertainment our readers would enjoy, Girls in Capes does not post reviews of media we would not personally recommend to another person, except in very rare cases. If you’ve sent us a review copy and no review has appeared on the site, it’s likely that we were either overbooked or the reviewer would have given the media a review of 2 stars or lower. We view Girls in Capes as a place to share things we’re excited about, not a place to post scathing reviews.

We do not accept payment for reviews written. Please do not attempt to contact us regarding paid reviews.

Girls in Capes rarely participates in sponsored posting, although we do host giveaways of items (typically books or book-related swag) provided by a publisher. Sponsored giveaways are clearly marked with the sponsor.

Any other questions regarding our review policy and how we review can be directed to us at

Our review policy and disclosures were last updated January 3, 2017 by Feliza Casano.