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Meet our current and active staff writers. While most of them are settled in particular sections, you’ll find their work throughout the site.  Previous staff members can be found here.  You can find our list of editors over here.

We’re always open to new staff writers!  You can see our openings here.

Lorraine Acevedo Franqui writes for Girls in Capes from Puerto Rico and holds degrees in English Literature and Psychology. Her main interests are young adult lit, anything related to The Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts, assorted shounen mangas and cats.

JEWELL-Laura-50Laura Jewell writes for Girls in Capes and has a BA in Theatre from Miami University. She currently lives in Chicago and enjoys many fandoms, including her favorites Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Her favorite weekend pastime is curling up with a book and her fifteen-pound orange cat, Orange Cat.

Deanna Nguyen is a staff writer for Girls in Capes and is currently studying English and Journalism with an emphasis in Creative Writing at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). When she’s not under constant stress from a 10-week quarter system filled with essay due dates flying left and right, she reads YA fantasy, plays video games on the Playstation 4, watches current and classic anime, and scrolls through Tumblr to keep up with the latest memes. Follow her on Twitter @deetheshortee.

Hannah K. Pingelton is the LGBTQ Writer for Girls in Capes. While her areas of focus are social justice, education, and advocacy, she’s also interested in science, women’s sports, and petting as many dogs as possible. A Midwestern transplant, Hannah currently resides in Brooklyn, and can be found on Twitter at @hannahpingelton.

CASANO Christina 50Christina Casano is a TV & Film Writer at Girls in Capes with an interest in TV shows, feminism, and cute animals. A graduate of Miami University, she is a theatre artist currently based in Chicago.

Kelly McAndrews has a degree in film study and a lifelong passion for all things TV & Film. You can find her making ridiculous pop culture references on Twitter @KL_McAndrews or on her podcasts 2Spooky and The TwiCast.

Janelle Smith is a TV & Film Writer at Girls in Capes and covers in films from the U.S. and Japan.  She recently graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in film studies.

  • We are currently focusing on expanding our TV & Film section. Check out the Staff Openings page to learn more!

RACICOT-Allison-50Allison Racicot is the Audiobook & Podcast Reviewer at Girls in Capes. She spends too much time listening to podcasts, and enjoys reading, writing, comedy, and getting overly attached to fictional characters. If you like tweets that regularly consist of fangirling over Hamilton, comic books, and comedians, you can follow her on Twitter @allisonracicot.

TAUB-Gabby-50Gabby Taub is the Fantasy Reviewer at Girls in Capes and a graduate of New York University where she studied creative writing and English. She’s currently working on her own horror novel, holding down a regular job, and enjoying the self-assigned title as the Captain America aficionado at GiC. Find her on Twitter @gabbinks where you can watch her rant about the Iron Fist casting decisions, talk about everything Captain America, and remind everybody that Bellamy Blake isn’t goddamn white.

Rine Karr is an Anime Writer at Girls in Capes. She’s a writer and aspiring novelist by moonlight and a copyeditor by daylight. Rine loves good food, travel, and lots of fiction, especially novels, anime, manga, video games, and films. She’s also the Chief Copyeditor and an occasional contributor at Women Write About Comics.

Emily London has always been a crew member of the S.S. Korrasami and spends a good chunk of her time dreaming about lady kisses aboard other various ships. When not playing Love Live: School Idol Festival, she waits for Crunchyroll to update her favorite shows and practices her Godzilla impersonation on unsuspecting action figures. Find her online @london_emi or at A Spoonful of Words.

Katherine Elisa Ruiz-Díaz is a Graphic Novel Reviewer at Girls in Capes from Puerto Rico. She holds a B.A. in History, with minors in French and Biology, from Boston University, and is currently pursuing a degree in Law. She enjoys reading anything related to sci-fi and fantasy, and hides under the covers to read non-fiction and history books. Katherine is also an anime and TV junkie, and thinks that RPGs are the only video games truly worth playing. When she’s truly bored, she likes to sketch and paint. Find her on Goodreads.

Joel Wallick is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a degree in Film Studies and a minor in creative writing. He has been gaming since early childhood, beginning with Pokemon Silver. Follow him on Twitter @SuperNerdJoel.

HARKER-Meghan_50x50Meghan Harker is a Horror writer for Girls in Capes. She’s currently working on her own Gothic novel and hosts the Courting Casualties podcast. When not writing, she’s either drawing, reading, hunting antiques, or lamenting that she wasn’t born in the 1800s. If you follow her on Twitter (@ExquisitelyOdd), you might get the chance to play Guess Who’s Dead!, her favorite post-mortem photography game (no one else likes to play.)

Mona Hedayatfar is a writer for the Subculture section of Girls in Capes with a particular focus on YouTube and Internet culture. She also likes to research nerdy things, like personality type theory, in her free time. Mona is a freshman at Temple University in the College of Liberal Arts. Find her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Last updated 5 April 2017.