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Christina Casano

Christina Casano

Christina Casano is the Assistant Editor at Girls in Capes. Coming into geekhood later in life, she maintains a great enthusiasm for TV, film, books, music, and theatre. Formerly a TV & Film Writer here at GiC, her favorite TV shows include Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Firefly, Parks & Recreation, Bob’s Burgers, Psych, and Agent Carter.

Having graduated from with a degree in Theatre from Miami University in 2014, she is now based in Chicago where she works as a receptionist by day and a theatre artist by night. Her selected works include Belladonna Luna Sonata and These Saints Will Burn (The Plagiarists), Twelfth Night (Crowded Bookshelf Dramatics), Owners (Interrobang Theatre Project), Fallen Angels (Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey), Macbeth and Angels in America (Miami University).

She is currently a company member with Crowded Bookshelf Dramatics as well as The Plagiarists, where she is the Resident Stage Manager.

She currently keeps a personal blog that is thus far unfit for human consumption, but she can be found on Twitter @cmrcasano  and Instagram.