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Lorraine Acevedo Franqui

Lorraine Acevedo Franqui is a staff writer for Girls in Capes from Puerto Rico. She just graduated with degrees in Psychology and Literature and will soon begin post-graduate studies – as soon as she decides on what. She is an avid reader, particularly of Young Adult books which she devours at an alarming rate. Fantasy, horror, mystery, retellings and science fiction are her go-to favorite genres, but she indulges in everything that catches her attention.

She also reviews and comments on most of her readings through Goodreads under the name of Rayne. When she is not reading 3 or 4 books at the same time, she is worshipping everything related to The Legend of Zelda or Kingdom Hearts video games, discussing movies, series or mangas, or making up stories in her head.

Lorraine has had two non-fiction pieces on feminism and her own family history published on local e-magazines in Puerto Rico and has won local prizes for her short fiction, but her main focus is writing Young Adult fantasy. Her first article for Girls in Capes was titled “The Father Formula in Young Adult Lit” and was published on June 2013.

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