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Meghan Harker

Meghan Harker

Meghan Harker graduated from Brenau University in 2011 with a degree in English, a job as an obituary clerk, and an insatiable desire to read anything she could sink her claws into. Though she no longer runs obits, Harker’s taste for ghosts and ghouls hasn’t waned. She recently launched her first podcast, Counting Casualties, where she discusses (read: fangirls) about everything from Gothic Fiction to modern-day horror.

When not working on her books or talking about monsters and her debilitating crush on Victor Frankenstein, Harker can be found strolling through antique shops for daguerreotypes or medical equipment, playing Bioshock, building costumes, or slacking off on Twitter. More often than not, she’s researching something weird. She secretly harbors the desire to be a mad scientist. …Or not so secretly.

You can find out more on her blog,, or find her on Twitter @ExquisitelyOdd.