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Mona Hedayatfar

Mona Hedayatfar is a Subculture writer for Girls in Capes that likes to critique Internet culture and its treatment of minorities. Fascinated by platforms like YouTube, she spends a lot of her time learning about Internet personalities of all different backgrounds and walks of life. She hopes that, one day, websites like YouTube will reach a point where minorities are given equal appreciation for the content they create.
As an undeclared College of Liberal Arts freshman at Temple University, she has a lot of time to focus on her many other interests. These include studying history, reading and collecting books, and learning more about personality type theory. She also loves traveling to foreign countries to the point where she hates going more than a year without visiting somewhere new.
Outside of Girls in Capes, Mona can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where she posts her thoughts and opinions on both Internet and non-Internet related news.